Insight into the life of The Unglamorous Girl

An avid reader of books, a creative and professional writer by day and an outstanding 'googler', I settled upon making my own little contribution to the world wide web.

The Unglamorous Girl name came about from my interest in all things glamorous but my seeming inability to pull any of it off.

Make-up, I know the tips and tricks, yet still go out looking like a child put on my make-up...(admittedly a 13 year old, not a 4 year old)...I follow Slimming World but manage to sabotage all my good work and remain almost the same weight as when I joined! I love travelling, and have been to some beautiful places, yet never in the serene, sun-kissed cool way other people do - in my own clumsy way.

But I am learning to embrace this, embrace the person I am and in fact celebrate it somewhat with this blog...

Past Posts

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