I have just got myself a new job (hooray) but this will be my first job where I work in a town centre as opposed to a business park and my first job where I will be travelling on public transport instead of driving. This seems both exciting – having lots of options to choose from for lunch and very Bridget Jones-esque/ commuter-style – but also it drives fear into my heart!
In the past, should I have forgotten my purse or phone, I can hop back into my car and go retrieve it but also I have a stash of spare tops, shoes, coins, lip glosses and coats in my car for a range of emergencies (in the loosest sense of the word!)

Essentials for your handbag when you commute

Essentials for your handbag when you commute

However now, I need to make sure I’m totally prepared and have everything I might need. Here’s what I’ve got so far as essentials for your handbag when you commute…

  1. Umbrella This is something that I never have with me…but this is also why I have bad hair and mascara running down my face…
  2. Small Make-Up bag with essentials in miniature:  I never top up my make-up throughout the day, but this proves to be a terrible idea. Don’t believe me? I’ll send you my wedding pictures – the ones before I left the house after my make-up was done, and the ones when we’re cutting the cake where I’ve sweated and cried (with joy might I add) it all off and I’m just a pink shiny faced lady in a white dress. NOT a good look. P.s. INCLUDE A NAIL FILE!
  3. Plasters or other foot remedies:  You set off for work all pressed and dressed and start walking. For an inexplicable reason your shoes which you’ve worn 138 other times problem-free decide to start rubbing. This is one of my biggest hates – because you need to keep going, but with every step you take (every move you make….) you are rubbing off another slither of skin and you know your feet will be in a state by the time you arrive at work, not to mention the fact you are now marooned in work in these damned shoes that you have to wear for at least another 8 hours!
  4. Change:  I feel like the Queen sometimes – no, not because I have power or wealth or a huge weird family, but because I never carry cash. Now don’t get me wrong, should I ever get mugged I’ll feel smug that they got nothing bar a Boots Advantage Card and some crumpled pieces of paper in my bag (I would be very upset about my Dune bag and Fiorelli floral purse however). But how often do you have a bit of time and think, ‘I’ll pop in and get a drink’, ‘I’ll go and get a jacket potato from the stand’ or ‘I just need £3 for the train’ – that happens to me all the time, but I never have any bloody money on me! Keep an emergency stash of £10 in a pocket in your bag and you’ll never get stuck.
  5. Pen:  Just because
  6. Hairbrush, a few bobbles and grips:  You never know where the day might go. Someone might ask if you fancy meeting up for a drink after work, or you look outside and its peeing it down with rain or some other occasion that makes you want to change your hairstyle or pull back your locks to protect them or get them out your way.

Are there any other major things I’ve forgotten? If so, let me know in the comments!

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