Now let me explain. After recently getting married, moving house (or worse, half-moving [even more stressful]), having a difficult year in the world of work and finally closing the door on that group of friends who do you more harm than good…I was at a bit of a loss. Lots of changes but also a desire to step it up a little. But where? How?

An avid reader of books, a creative and professional writer by day (or formally at least) and an outstanding 'googler', I settled upon making my own little contribution to the world wide web. I've been reticent to do this as that shadow of doubt crosses your path and, for me anyway, makes me question myself in its harshest tones - 'who'd be interested in what you have to say anyway?', 'how arrogant to think anyone cares' - well I've decided to do it anyway if only to show the negative inner thoughts that I can.

And if no-one reads it but it gives me pleasure…then that is all I'm looking for.



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